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Hello, and welcome to Cinegmatic.

This blog is dedicated to fixating and storing my impressions about everything I watch – movies, TV series, and the like, – so the majority of posts here are about that. I’m not just passing around likes and dislikes: when watching something, I always try to figure out what makes this particular work good or bad, or worthless, if that’s the case.¬†Everything I write here is my personal opinion, although I try to be as objective as humanly possible.

My standard pace is 1 post per day, but sometimes it can be 2, and sometimes it can be none. Occasionally, there will be a posting about a book I read, or simply one conveying a fruit of my thinking process. I’m interested in science, in how things actually work, as well as in the discrepancy between the appearance and the reality.

For last several years I’ve been writing in English exclusively, but before that the language I used was Russian: all the posting from that time are united under the category crappy past; most of them do not correspond with my today’s standards of quality, but I don’t want to hide them anyway due to vanity reasons, and also to preserve the historical line of my personality’s development more or less continuous.

I have a few rosters to keep things structured: there is a list of films in the order I’ve seen them; then there’s a similar list for TV shows, and another one for shorts. Alphabetical list of series might be more helpful; finally, as a normal collecting freak, I have a document with one-line filmographies of directors I deem good or interesting to follow.

Feel free to use this collection as a guide through the volatile waters of cinema; as incomplete as it is, there is no larger one, not with methodology as consistent as mine.

Thank you for your interest, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you feel the need. Have a nice journey.


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