Новые сказки братьев Гримм | Grimm

5, 01:43:00, 2003


Страна производства: Нидерланды
Постановка: Алекс фон Вармердам \ Alex van Warmerdam ~ 5/5
Сценарий: Алекс фон Вармердам \ Alex van Warmerdam, Отакар Воточек \ Otakar Votocek ~ 5/5
Операторская работа: Том Эрисман \ Tom Erisman ~ 5/5
В ролях: Тереза Берганза \ Teresa Berganza, Иона Лейсен \ Johan Leysen, Халина Рейджин \ Halina Reijn, Якуб Дервиг \ Jacob Derwig, Франк Ламмерс \ Frank Lammers ~ 5/5

   One winter’s day Jacob and his sister Marie are left behind in the woods by their unemployed father. In his coat Jacob finds a note from his mother urging them to go to their uncle in Spain. They arrive in Spain only to find that their uncle has died. Marie meets Diego, a rich surgeon, and falls in love with him. Diego lives with his domineering sister Teresa. Marie marries Diego. Jacob keeps jealously trying to tear his sister away from Diego. His efforts are in vain and Jacob starts to provoke Diego. It soon becomes clear that Jacob’s defiance won’t go unpunished…

Сильное кино с отчетливым авторским привкусом. Мне очень понравилось – жестоко, ну да жизнь не без этого. Снято с большим вкусом и любовью.



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