Despicable Me 2 (Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, 2013)

So, Despicable Me 2, obviously, is a continuation of the first part. Gru abandons evil and becomes a father and not very successful entrepreneur, but then he gets recruted by the special enforcement agency that specializes on global threats to help with a case. He partners up with a female agent, gradually become attracted to her, as she – to him; at some point, a she gets abducted by the villain, and Gru rescues her. And everybody lives happily ever after. Except for the villain, of course.

I’m retelling the story in such detail because it’s completely obvious from the very beginning (with a certain wiggle room, but nothing significant), and in lack of anything more or less original. It’s a 100% kiddy film with no edge whatsoever. The animation is cool, that’s undeniable, but there are plenty of other movies out there with animation not in the least inferior to this work; the sad truth is this quality is no longer a distinction, which is why the competition takes place on a totally differet field, and that field is the story, like with everybody else. And when it comes to the story here, it’s way too soft, way too warm, way too kind. That’s probably good for little children, but it weakens the grounds for this film to claim the status of art, pretty much destroys them altogether.

By and large, it’s a decent entertainment, – I guess. Frankly, it was pretty boring to me, because of all the predictability and all. But I suppose, there is an audience for cinema like this.

Time: 01:38:35
Released in: 2013
Directed by: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Written by: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio
Performed by: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand, Ken Jeong, Steve Coogan,  Elsie Fisher, Dana Gaier, Moises Arias, Nasim Pedrad, Kristen Schaal, Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, Nickolai Stoilov
Entertaining quality4 out of 5
Art quality:  3 out of 5

IMDB page: link

(v. 4.8)
®shoomow, 2017

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