Suits (s.05, 2015-16)

Suits’ 5th season is constructed in an interesting way: around a half of it is dedicated to the preparation of the main action, during which episodes some important conditions were set into place (like, for one thing, Harvey’s psychological issues); then there was a transitional, revulsive ploy about Harman’s attempt to return to the firm’s life – it was never intended to become dominant storyline, and lasted for, like, 2 episodes; and then there was the real climax of the season, with Mike being finally revealed to the world as fraud.

This structure is pretty cool, I think, because, being well thought-out, it works fine, and it’s not very frequent. Unfortunately, the structure is not everything. To be fair, for the most part the show is quite great: the situations are more or less interesting, the writing has strong enough base level with occasional pinnacles in quality, the acting is good (sometimes wonderful), – the show became much stronger than it used to be, and can be called decent with a good amount of certainty.

But: all it takes to ruin a barrel of honey is a single teaspoon of tar – part of the finale (ep. 16) and the whole episode 10 strike an unexpected blow. Imagine a large table all covered with tasty dishes, 15 of them, and then there is a plate in the middle with a giant stinking shit. That’s episode 10. It is a plain tearjerker, which implies both the writer and the director to fail miserably at their jobs. It’s really bad on itself, but in comparison with the surrounding episodes, which were rather good, it feels especially disgusting. And like a quarter of the final episode is also dedicated to some bullshit emotional journey – but at least is not the entire episode.

I actually liked the story and it’s development though out the season: panic attacks is a sign of real trouble, real problem, a proof of imperfection – one; Harman’s jeopardy does seem like a serious thing for some time, and it does make the following surprise even more surprising – two; obviously Mike would’ve been exposed sooner or later, – too many people know about him, and he has become too conspicuous of a figure, that’s just reality – three; and it’s a good thing, that Korsh et al. found it in themselves to embrace this inevitable future and make the best of it (relatively speaking, of course). Against these irrefutable achievements episode 10 seems all the more loathsome. I mean, how could they even allowed it to exist? A mystery to me.

Seems like Korsh’s gift would always be sullied for me because of all the mistakes he made as Suits‘ showrunner – but on the other hand, I cannot deny that he does have a genuine and strong talent, one that evolves quite noticeably from season to season.

Year: 2015-2016
Created by: Aaron Korsh
Directed by: Anton Cropper, Michael Smith, Silver Tree, Kevin Bray, Roger Kumble, Kate Dennis, Cherie Nowlan, Rob Seidenglanz, Patrick J. Adams
Written by: Aaron Korsh, Rick Muirragui, Chris Downey, Genevieve Sparling, Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman, Kyle Long, Sharyn Rothstein, Daniel Arkin, Sandra Silverstein,
Performed by: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, Leslie Hope, Tom Lipinski, Rebecca Schull, Max Topplin, Abigail Spencer, Eric Close, David Costabile, Rachael Harris, Amanda Schull, Wendell Pierce, Brandon Firla, D.B. Woodside, Eric Roberts, John Pyper-Ferguson, Aloma Wright
Time: 16 * 41-45m
Entertaining quality: 4+ out of 5
Art quality: 4 out of 5
Links: (website) | (wiki)

(v. 4.9)
®shoomow, 2017

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