Rush (Ron Howard, 2013)

Rush is a biopic to the rivalry of 2 very different, but equally skilled racers, both of whom eventually became Formula 1 champions.

It’s a good movie: very professonally done; obviously, a lot of effort and attention was applied to the subject; the cast is appropriate, the acting is great – all in all, no complaints about the quality of implementation whatsoever. It’s fascinating, too, because the composition of the story is highly effective; besides, is not that hard to make rivalry interesting to the audience (especially when it has ties to the reality), as competetiveness hides deep in the human nature, and any appeals to it are bound to be impactful to one degree or another.

However, couple of things should be made clear: first of all, any real-life story adapted for cinema always loses on nuances and details, and this one is no different from the others. Certain accents are emphasized, while others are dimmed from the general view; it’s quite natural, really, – cinema, like any other art, has its limitations. Second: the story told is a part of a much wider context, which is being completely missed here, and purposefully so. From watching this film one might get a tilted impression that these were 2 greatest racers of their time, when in reality they shared their place under the sun with several others just as great. It is completely understandable why the story had to be processed this way, but still.

Generally speaking, though, it’s a very good film, as well as a wonderful entertainment. I do not regret spending time on it at all.

Time: 02:03:15
Released in: 2013
Directed by: Ron Howard
Written by: Peter Morgan
Performed by: Daniel Brühl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara, Pierfrancesco Favino, David Calder, Natalie Dormer, Stephen Mangan, Christian McKay, Alistair Petrie,  Julian Rhind-Tutt, Colin Stinton, Jamie de Courcey, Augusto Dallara, Ilario Calvo
Entertaining quality5 out of 5
Art quality:  4+ out of 5

IMDB page: link

(v. 4.8)
®shoomow, 2017

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