[b] Pirates, Corsairs, Raiders / Piraty, korsary, reidery (Igor Mozheiko, 1994)

Piraty, korsary, reidery is a series of essays dedicated to various sides of maritime piracy. It concentrates mostly on the times when Spain, Portugal, and later England started to gain more and more sea power, but also touches upon pirates in ancient times, as well as retraces signs of piracy up to about late 1980s. The book is written by Igor Mozheiko, also known as Kir Bulychev, famous soviet science fiction writer.

The author has chosen a method of leaps: to describe the development of the phenomenon he selects some vivid personalities and tells about their lives sometimes deviating into explanation of related things. Where impossible (like with most of XX century), he simply retells the general state of affairs. His writing style is clear and simple; he is obviously passionate about the subject and spent a lot of time researching it. Although, there is no list of literaterary sources used, sometimes he mentions where the information was taken from, and all those books are primary, meaning they were written my immediate participants or at least witnesses to the events. Also, Kir Bylychev has a very strong reputation as a devotee of scientific method, and I personally have no reason whatsoever to doubt his professionalism. Along with realistic, non-romantic narrative, it makes the book very credible.

I learned new things from this work, and I enjoyed reading it, – all in all, the journey was interesting and worthwhile.

Author: Igor Mozheiko (Kir Bulychev)
Original language: Russian
Published: 1994
Reading period: April – May 2017
Cognitive quality: 4+ out of 5
Entertaining quality: 4+ out of 5
Links: (author) | (book)

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®shoomow, 2017


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