The Conjuring 2 (James Wan, 2016)

The Conjuring 2 is related to the first part, but has a completely different story, although in the same universe of discourse. It takes place in England, in the 1970s, and is based on the most documented case of paranormal in written history. A family who has recently moved to a newly bought house is being harassed by what seems to be a ghost of a former householder. Luckily, the star psychic couple happens to be in the country and takes on the case at request of the church.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of movies that makes sense in the christian mystics paradigm only, because no matter how well they are implemented, no matter how creative and innovative director’s approach is, the concept will always be inherently corrupted by the fact it’s not built on anything real but mere fantasies, that it’s linked to concepts that are questionable at best, but which the writers try to pass for implicit truth.

But putting aside this inescapable flaw of religion-motivated plost, I see this film as an antinomic one. On the one hand, we have a professional implementation, great acting, great special effects, plus a not entirely unoriginal story move with demon-ghost calamity, – all these combined amount to a wonderful entertainment. On the other hand, I started thinking: what are those demons? As depicted they seem more like supernatural animals rather than reasonable being – but why are they like this? And what is the purpose of his actions? A mess of this proportion must have something for a driving cause other than animal’s irrational desire to murder a child after having some fun, – yet it doesn’t.

I understand why somebody might consider an idea of thinking about motivation of a hell’s agent, the epitome of evil, preposterous, but what it really means is not relying upon assumptions and simplifications, i.e. creating a more viable and realistic universe of discourse. In recent years there were quite a lot of films and shows created with that idea at heart, but ludicrous and increasingly boring offsprings of an outdated concept still have audience, albeit a shrinking one.

All in all, this a captivating sight, sometimes even a little scary, always with amazing special effects, but it’s not the kind of film I would watch twice.

Time: 02:13:25
Released in: 2016
Directed by: James Wan
Written by: Carey Hayes, Chad Hayes, James Wan, David Leslie Johnson
Performed by: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe, Frances O’Connor, Lauren Esposito, Benjamin Haigh, Patrick McAuley, Simon McBurney, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Simon Delaney, Franka Potente, Bob Adrian, Robin Atkin Downes, Bonnie Aarons, Javier Botet
Entertaining quality4+ out of 5
Art quality:  4- out of 5

IMDB page: link

(v. 4.8)
®shoomow, 2017

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