[s] King Lear (Ruslan Sorokin, 2016)

King Lear by Ruslan Sorokin is a short composition based on the Shakespearian play of the same name. The arc of the story consists of several scenes taken from the play almost untouched: the film opens with the one where Edmund is plotting against his brother Edgar, then goes the one with the conversation between Lear and Edmund, and the culmination falls onto the one where Edmund meets and defeats Edgar.

Okay, it may be that every word of this novella was written by people who knew very well what they were doing, and not some barely literate student actor, but Ruslan Sorokin, unlike other Sidakov’s fosterlings whose works I’ve seen so far, managed to create something really interesting. Another factor that contributed greatly into the quality of the result is the fact that as actors they all are quite amazing (especially Denis Dorokhov, which wasn’t that obvious from his KVN career). The direction could be better: Sorokin obviously doesn’t have a lot of experience, and his basic approach can be reduced to formula “I’m too lazy to go outside, let’s make best with what we have right here” – and he’s talented enough to pull that off, except that actors’ (or directors’ for that matter) workshops (where it all obviously was shot) usually look like what they are no matter how hard you try to turn into a throne room or something. Ostentatious minimalism is just as nice as anything else ostentatious.

But notwithstanding these small drawbacks (and they are really tiny in comparison with what Sorokin’s school-mates created), this is a very good piece of cinema with great camera and exceptional acting. You should check it out:

Time: ~20m
Released in: 2016
Directed by: Ruslan Sorokin
Written by: Ruslan Sorokin
Performed by: Denis Dorokhov, Vladimir Khatskevich, Alexandr Ptashenchuk
Entertaining quality4+ out of 5
Art quality:  5- out of 5

(v. 4.8)
®shoomow, 2017

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