[s] Remember My Story. ReMoved Part 2 (Nathanael Matanick and Tony Cruz, 2015)

Remember My Story is a continuation of the ReMoved by the Matanick couple. Zoe is about to be separated from her little brother – again, – because this is how the system works: he can’t stay with Zoe’s foster-mother and has to be adopted by new parents. At the same time their biological mother tries to restore her parental rights.

Even though, the novelty effect is not a factor anymore, the film is great: same as the 1st one, it is passionate, well thought-out, exceptionally well executed. The acting is amazing, especially Abby White’s work. The situation under scrutiny is tragic and unresolvable; it seems to be plausible enough, and not a common place at the same time. It’s all highly emotional; the finale brings hope: the more compassionate people would dedicate their lives to those in need, the better our society would grow to be. Of course, nobody knows what the future actually holds, but with the progress and the spread of civilized thinking, there are good reasons to bear that hope.

But the movie itself speaks better than any words I can come up with:

Time: ~23m
Released in: 2015
Directed by: Nathanael Matanick, Tony Cruz
Written by: Nathanael Matanick, Christina Matanick
Performed by: Bojesse Christopher, Abby White, Sabrina Culver, Brittany Falardeau,  Dakota Somervill, Mitchell Shawn, David Saucedo, Laura Quirk, Kyra Locke, Van Brunelle, Judeline Charles, Benaiah Matanick, Jordan Nice, Rachanee Lumayno, Aaron Hammersley
Entertaining quality5 out of 5
Art quality:  5 out of 5

IMDB page: link

(v. 4.8)
®shoomow, 2017

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