Mom (s.04, 2016-17)

Mom‘s 4th season is about the same things as previous ones: the Plunkett family and their friends and acquaintances going through another year of their lives. Christy studies to become a lawyer. Bonny manages the new relationship. Jill comes up with a wish to have a baby and ends up being a foster-mother. Others have some insignificant stuff going on as well.

I watched this season only because the mixture of immiscible substances that constitutes the essence of this show seemed curious to me. Nowhere else have I seen attempts to show absolutely non-funny things, like death, rape, or relapsing, in a comical way; it’s an interesting experiment, really. Unfortunately, this season brings me to conclusion that it doesn’t work. This particular experiment doesn’t work, that is, and not just because the task seems unyielding for the writing crew (which it is), but mostly because even those pieces that have no reason not to be funny are written on a level that is mediocre at best.

I was a little bored during this viewing, so I counted every joke that seemed more than amusing to me; turns out, there were 3 such jokes per episode at best, and most of the episodes had less, and some of them had none at all. That is terrible statistics. I’m not sure why people keep watching this, except, maybe, because it deals with stuff a lot of people care about, you know, drug dependency and all that. For me it’s not enough, so I’m giving this up. The show’s just not worth the time.

Year: 2016-2017
Created by: Chuck LorreEddie Gorodetsky, Gemma Baker
Directed by: James Widdoes, Jon Cryer, Anthony Rich
Written by: Chuck Lorre, Marco Pennette, Gemma Baker, Adam Chase, Susan McMartin, Warren Bell, Sheldon Bull, Eddie Gorodetsky, Nick Bakay, Alissa Neubauer, Anne Flett-Giordano, Britté Anchor
Performed by: Anna Faris, Allison Janney, Mimi Kennedy, Jaime Pressly, Beth Hall, William Fichtner, Sadie Calvano, Matt L. Jones, Blake Garrett Rosenthal, Sara Rue, Don McManus, Jonny Coyne, Amy Hill, Lauri Johnson, Julia Lester, Leonard Roberts, Rosie O’Donnell, Bradley Whitford, Chris Pratt, Wendie Malick, Missi Pyle, Chris L. McKenna, Jennifer Taylor, Diane Delano, Spencer Daniels, Tim Bagley, Jack McGee, Christina Moore, Nicole Sullivan, Amy Farrington, David James Elliott, Mary Pat Gleason, Bret Harrison, John Benjamin Hickey, Yeardley Smith, David Anthony Higgins
Time: 7h18m (a. 22 episodes)
Entertaining quality: 3 out of 5
Art quality: 3 out of 5
Links: Official site | More Info

(v. 4.7.rev)
®shoomow, 2017

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