[s] Trapped (Brian Reed, 2016)

Title of this film on YouTube says that it’s a short film about teen unplanned pregnancy, and that’s exactly what it is about, no more and no less.

From the standpoint of social benefit, this movie is pretty important as it aims at reducing the amount of fear and other negative emotions surrounding such event as unplanned teenage pregnancy, which is rather common. It doesn’t directly take a stand on the pro-life vs. pro-choice dilemma, although the finale suggests that Brian Reed has indeed a personal attitude to this question.

But I’m more concerned with the quality of this work from the viewpoint of art. On the technical level everything is pretty cool; also the acting gives nothing to complain about; – all in all, the development of events, reactions, behaviour, etc. look plausible, and are implemented on a good level. But, on the other hand, the music is overly exessive (it almost never shuts up), and truth be told, the fact that the situation under scrutiny is common makes it uninteresting. Sure, only a psychopath won’t empathize with the heroine, but my belief is that a movie shoud be a harmonious combination of emotional, intellectual, and couple of other things, of which Trapped has only emotions. It’s still an alright one-time viewing, though, so check it out:

Time: ~20m
Released in: 2016
Directed by: Brian Reed
Written by: Brian Reed
Performed by: unknown
Entertaining quality4- out of 5
Art quality:  3 out of 5

(v. 4.8)
®shoomow, 2017

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