Darknet (s.01*, 2013)

Darknet is an anthology horror series. It comprises a multitude of stories, big and small, all united through the keynote of a website called Darknet, which is specifically dedicated to scary real-life communications, with CCTV videos of real murders, and something like a forum, where a killer can leave a message asking for advice on how to get rid of the body and actually get a response. The show resembles V/H/S movies a lot, only updated to reflect the internet era.

There is no direct relation between the episodes in terms of the stories; each of them is created by a different director, with different characters, etc. The website does work as a stem on which the stories are strung, but it’s not until the ending of the 6th episode when the common plot strarts to appear. Considering that there is no continuation, and probably won’t be, it’s a bummer.

Episodes’ quality level varies as much as their stories. The only perfect one is the first, done by Vincenzo Natali, all the others are flawed in one way or another: sometimes a piece would be based on an assumption too far-fetched to be taken seriously, sometimes the rythm would be wrong, and sometimes the acting would be not good enough. Episode #6 (done by Rodrigo Gudiño) is better than the others, and also contains an interesting cliffhanger, but it’s still not as great as Natali’s work.

All in all, there is a lot of really frightening stuff here, so as a horror this series works quite well. I hope there would be some sort of closure, even if only a short film – just to wrap things up. But even with the final path leading nowhere, it’s worth checking out; and better do it when the night is at its darkest. Works better that way.

Year: 2013
Directed by: Vincenzo Natali, Jeremy Ball, Anthony Scott Burns, Rodrigo Gudiño, Steven Hoban, Brett Sullivan
Written by: Randall Cole, James Kee, Sarah Larsen, Vincenzo Natali, Doug Taylor, Pascal Trottier
Performed by: Michelle Alexander, Carlyn Burchell, Will Bowes, Tara Joshi, David Hewlett, Dewshane Williams, Masa Lizdek, Miles Carney, Jonathan Goldapple, Natalie Brown, Kjartan Hewitt, Brett Ryan, Lina Roessler, Greg Calderone, Garfield Andrews, Casey Hudecki, Jeananne Goossen, Shaun Benson, Samantha Weinstein, Martha Burns, Rob Ramsay, Jeff Kassell, Kathryn Alexandre, James Kee, Rique Franks, Cara Gee, Katie Boland, Arnold Pinnock, David Richmond-Peck, James McGowan, Michelle Alexander, Hrant Alianak, Mike Dufsys, Alison Down, Carlyn Burchell, Sebastian Pigott, Kartina Isberg, Adil Zaidi, Stephannie Hawkins, Jessica Rose, Peter Outerbridge, Aaron Hale, Alexander De Jordy, Chloe Rose, Jeff Clarke, Adam Kenneth Wilson, Ari Millen, Sebastian Heins, Nahanni Johnstone
Time: 2h42m (a. 6 episodes)
Entertaining quality: 4+ out of 5
Art quality: 4- out of 5
Links: (website) | (wiki)

(v. 4.10)
®shoomow, 2017

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