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Short Anthology

Here’s some shortfilms, none of which is worthy of a separate posting:

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker
(2002 || Directed and written by: Rawson Marshall Thurber || Performed by: Lester Speight, Michael Sean McGuinness, Michael Cornacchia || IMDB || 04:09)

There’s no story, just an idea, but a rather funny one. Very neatly done, too. Still, it’s merely an anecdote.

La barbichette

(2002 || Directed and written by: Kim Chapiron || Performed by: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthelemy, Marko Payen || IMDB || 04:48)

Also, no story. The whole film is just one situation, at that it’s outcome remained unclear. I have no idea why it was created, for which purpose exactly, but it was slightly entertaining.

Daybreak Express
(1953 || Directed and written by: D.A. Pennebaker || IMDB || 05:20)

Train comes, train goes – that’s basically it. The director targeted a train that passes on the verge of a rising day, hence all the play with lights and color. But it’s not even a documentary, because you would need an idea for that – it’s nothing but an exercise in editing.


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